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I hired Laurie as my personal trainer in my condo gym, August 2017.

She arrives prompt, prepared with a challenging program, a smile and is always full of encouragement!

Laurie is very knowledgeable not only with effective fitness programs but with the latest nutritional advice as well.

In no time at all, I have lost inches and am happy to say, “I haven’t been this small in years!”

I have more energy and my fitness assessments with Laurie prove I am definitely getting stronger.

It is not only her in-depth knowledge and skill as a trainer that sets her apart, but her incredible joie de vivre and positive energy the puts her above the crowd.

I would recommend Laurie to anyone who is looking for a dedicated trainer who truly cares and encourages you to be the best you can be!


Monika T. age 54

Toronto, ON

Laurie has been critically essential to assisting us with our lifestyle shift. We have gone from inconsistent activity to 3-4 work outs a week, and our progress has been quite encouraging.


First off, providing us with couples training has really helped us encourage each other during our sessions and during our workouts together on off days and individually. Laurie develops amazing routines that apply to both of us together (wife and husband) or individually. 


She is very good at gauging our moods and her empathy allows her to tailor the sessions effectively, challenging us all while ensuring we are not going beyond our limits. She's knowledgeable and the work outs never get repetitive!


Laurie's very positive, always encouraging and provides a great atmosphere to improve and learn. We highly Recommend her as a trainer.


Fe and Jai   

Toronto, ON

I was looking for a trainer to work with me 1/1 in my home using simple equipment ( no machines) and Laurie King was recommended to me. We started with twice weekly hour-long sessions, which were varied, challenging and fun.

Plus, the exercises were designed to help me  build strength and stamina--it was amazing how quickly I was able to progress.

Laurie "mixes things up" so you are never bored!

She keeps you moving all the time and it's very efficient. I was more motivated working with her and inspired by the words of wisdom she would share while checking my form and watching me sweat.

Laurie really walks the talk too.

She is super fit and energetic...truly a great role model!

Gayle G. age 62

Thornbury, ON

Working with Laurie was a great experience and I was very sorry when she moved to Toronto.

I started working out with Laurie a year or so after my 8th knee surgery.

She understood my concern about doing further damage and willingly adapted exercises to safely develop strength,endurance and flexibility.

The trust I developed in her knowledge and expertise allowed me to push beyond self-imposed limits. 

Her commitment to fitness and providing an encouraging environment is genuine.

She always kept the workouts challenging,interesting and doable.

She truly is a delight.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer and wish her success.

Jill K.

Clarksburg, ON

I have trained with Laurie one-on-one, for a few years.

Laurie is knowledgeable regarding fitness.

Her workouts are fun and effective.

She's a beautiful person inside and out.

I highly recommend including Laurie in your "health and fitness" regime.

If she resided in my area I'd still be training with her.

Marcia M.

Bobcaygeon, ON

I was very hesitant to hire a personal trainer, but after a few workouts I knew I was ready to commit

Workouts with Laurie King was never boring, and there are always new exciting


Because of her program I am in better shape than I have been in a longtime, and I consistently have more energy. 

I have lost weight , gained muscle, and increased my endurance.

I have also been able to increase my flexibility and improve my balance.

Laurie is excellent at providing a full body workout, ad at explaining the benefits of each exercise.

I was never somebody who enjoyed working out or who would commit to a study routine

 but Laurie keeps me going, and I feel healthy and fit because of it. 

Laurie is always on time, always professional, and always keeps me looking forward to the next workout. 

Overall,  I would recommend Laurie King to anyone who is looking to get into shape and improve their health.


Patti N.

Collingwood, ON

Laurie is so motivating and fun to train with. Her knowledge of exercise and new ways to workout make it definitely interesting and enjoyable. 

She pushes me to do my best and has great rates for a private downtown trainer.  


 Taylor C.  

 Toronto, ON                                                                        



I have known Laurie for a very long time, she is always had a zest for fitness and keeping up with the latest trends. I love her positive and motivating ways.

Definitely, with Laurie as your trainer you will see results.  


Sharron F.     Toronto, ON

Energetic, passionate, curious, adventurous, healthy, fun and caring are words  I use to describe my wonderful  friend Laurie.

As personal trainers, we hit it off immediately. As a woman, we connected immediately! She's just that kind of caring compassionate person.

When we are  together it's a lot of great chatting about the best exercises to do for this or that, the pros and cons of what's the best way to lose weight and be healthy.

I love that Laurie is open minded and cares deeply about her clients journey towards better health.

I've had the honour of knowing Laurie for 14 years and

many more to come.

Laurie is a light in my life and I know she will shine brightly in yours as well.

Healthy hugs,

Tanya M.

Bobcaygeon, ON

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